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Find Future Date Calculator

Find out what the date will be so many days, weeks, months or years in the future. You can find the exact future date when your purchase return period ends or the warranty expires.

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Jason   This is great for getting a realistic day and date for science fiction novels set in the far future. - 11/7/2017 3:46:57 AM

Chad   Very interesting when you've got a date in mind (for a special day or holiday) and you want to throw in some milestones, eg ten weeks to go, 200 days etc... Just use "-" in front of the number to work backwards from a set date. - 8/17/2016 12:20:26 AM

SUPPLY   interesting - 10/30/2015 1:43:28 PM

Lynnette   Great! Use it at work to schedule 90 day post-op appointments! - 7/9/2015 6:34:25 AM

nancy samarin   check this out - 9/14/2014 2:48:09 PM

nancy samarin   first payment due date - 9/14/2014 2:47:35 PM

Daisy   Wish there was a simple "Calculate" button with simple output of next date in a field. - 1/23/2013 10:46:34 AM

David Paulsen   Sweet, works with negative numbers. - 9/21/2011 8:19:25 AM

paulsendnv   Will this app write/post notice to my google calendar? - 8/31/2011 1:05:14 PM

Field Help

Input Fields

TitleA title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

DateEnter a date (or use the calendar icon to pick a date) to be used in the calculations.

DaysThe number of days to add to 'Date'.

WeeksThe number of weeks to add to 'Date'.

MonthsThe number of months to add to 'Date'.

YearsThe number of years to add to 'Date'.

Output Fields

Future DateThe resulting future date and day of the week after adding the days, weeks, months, and years onto 'Date'.

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